Add an extra dimension to your caravan with an awning from Eurovent!

A caravan or a camping car is a big investment, and you’ll want to make the very most out of what you’ve bought. That’s why it’s worth considering whether one of the wide selection of caravan awnings available on the Eurovent website might suit your needs. Awnings are used for a variety of purposes, but mostly as a means to provide extra storage or sleeping space, and Eurovent awnings are painstakingly designed with both these options in mind. For example, breathable acrylic walls are ideal to prevent the build-up of condensation that can occur if you want to use the awning as an outside bedroom. Having a design that allows you to position the entrance in different locations or even create two separate doors is another very useful option.  Although most people associate this type of equipment with caravans, there is such a thing as motorhome canopy awnings, which perform essentially the same functions as their caravanning cousins, being of very similar design and manufacture.

Far from being just a ‘fair-weather’ friend, many types of awnings are specifically designed to withstand the worst of the weather. Also available are versatile caravan porches, which feature detachable panels and sides for summer use.