Taillardat furniture adds a real note of luxury to any home!

The French are past masters in the field of luxury products, and furniture is no exception to the rule. Taillardat (http://www.taillardat.fr/) is a French-based firm specializing in the production of luxury furniture inspired by the glory days of furniture-making, the 18th century. Using highly-skilled craftspeople to recreate the look and feel of the finest furniture of this era, Taillardat’s secret also lies in the top-quality materials it employs. The best hardwoods, such as Cherrywood and Mahogany, marble, bronzes and gilding all contribute to creating items of furniture that will grace any house.

This style of Louis xvi sofa, the Delacroix, is a 2-seater
Source: www.taillardat.fr

See this page  to discover more about the different styles on offer, including Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, Restoration, Regency and Marie-Antoinette. Married to this variety of styles is a wide diversity of furniture types – desks, bedside tables, armchairs, beds, sofas, stools, mirrors and various kinds of dining room furniture.  The Delacroix model of sofa, pictured below, is suitable for a smaller room, being a 2-seater, but a number of sofas able to seat three persons are also on offer. This particular sofa is made from Beechwood.