Lucrin – for life’s affordable luxuries!

Even in the toughest economic times, there are some of life’s little treats that we find difficult to give up. Arguably, our continuing taste for luxury leather goods is a reflection of this. The market is adapting to the current recession, however, with real efforts being made to ensure the luxury tag doesn’t always translate into price tags that are unaffordable for most. The Lucrin range of leather goods places the emphasis firmly on quality at reasonable prices, as can be seen in its passport holder selection, where there are articles to suit every budget. You can buy exclusive real ostrich leather articles, although this obviously carries a premium in terms of price, but equally, you could opt for a much more modestly-priced cow’s leather, lamb’s leather or calf’s leather item for a fraction of the cost. The same applies to the massive leather wallet assortment on offer on the Lucrin website. You’ll be sure to be amazed at the tremendous variety of colours available, from classic dark browns, blacks and tans to salmon pink and sky blue! The variety doesn’t stop with colour either – wallets are available in many different finishes, including suede, smooth-feel, granulated and even shiny alligator!