Modatoi’s more than a match for anything winter has in store!

Hate winter, love winter clothes? Then maybe it’s worth your while finding out more about the Modatoi website. Now is the time to get serious about looking for winter footwear that can take whatever the weather throws at it. The good news is that ladies’ boots are a bit of a speciality of ours. Maybe you fancy trying out the Inuit look, with fur linings and fluffy bobbles galore. If you’d like to keep up with the catwalk crowd, there’s no buts, it’s got to be buckles. It seems we just can’t get enough of them these days – up to 8 have been spotted on one boot at any one time. One design to look out for is actually based on newsprint – appropriately enough, given that it’s definitely worth a few column inches in the fashion press.
Modatoi are about more than making your feet look good – they want to make you sparkle from top to toe. Consider Modatoi’s wonderfully feminine dresses for instance. That old favourite, the sweater dress is making a come-back in typical autumn/winter shades of grey, teal and biscuit. In terms of colours, black is back, frequently in tandem with more vibrant shades rather than just on its own.