Look no further than Webpublication to get more bang for your marketing buck!

There are few more cost-effective marketing tools than a good flipbook creator. Leading the way in the next generation of flip book software packages is a company called Webpublication. This firm specializes in providing easy-to-master software that will enable even your least tech-savvy employee to come up with great-looking content in no time at all! Their package is particularly useful for the creation of online magazine-style formats. Now you can produce truly interactive content thanks to an array of rich media features – HD images, flash animations, hypertext links, video and sound! There’s no need to attend tedious and time-consuming training courses – start generating customized content straight away, choose the background colour to suit the look you want to achieve, add your company’s logos to set your own corporate stamp on everything you produce and wow your customers and prospects! Another crucial aspect of e-brochure design is accessibility. Thus it’s important that whatever you create be compatible with a wide variety of channels and devices. Luckily, your end product can be emailed to a client, shared via social networking sites, embedded in your own website, copied onto a DVD, viewed on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android and stored on a memory stick!